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  • Tovena in Festa

    Secolare Fiera Franca - da friday 13th a tuesday 31th October 2017
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    The origins of the "Secular fair franca of Saints Simon and Jude", are lost in the mists of time, since the inhabitants of the foothills and the Belluno used to meet just Tovena, to exchange their agricultural and handicraft produc

    Event in progress
  • Trail of Gevero

    Trail del Gevero - 5th November 2017
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    It starts Saturday, November 4 with an unprecedented vertikal, expected in night version. Athletes will start in 30 seconds apart from Piazza Roma to get on the "Crodon of Gevero". Sunday, Novem

    Missing 17 days to the event
  • Stelle a Natale - XIV Rassegna

    Stelle a Natale - da friday 8th a sunday 17th December 2017 - Dalle 10:00 alle 19:00
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    Anyone who wants to breathe since the beginning of December the Christmas spirit cannot miss the annual appointment with Stelle a Natale, an event that offers wonderful opportunity to visit Cison di Valmarino with the magical atmosphere of t

    Missing 50 days to the event
  • Mura a Natale

    Mura a Natale - da sunday 10th December 2017 a sunday 7th January 2018
    Organizzazione: Comunitą Mura
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    Each year, Walls with its crib exhibition attracts hundreds of visitors. During Christmas it happen anywhere to r

    Missing 52 days to the event